Thursday, 5 November 2009

DST Group Brunei League Cup

The Premier I & II leagues matches has temporarily stopped to give way for the League Cup matches. The knock out competition has reached the quarter final stages. The results so far:-

1. QAF FC(7) - Brunei Shell FT (0), played 3rd Nov 09
2. AM Gunners (5) - LLRC (2), played 4th Nov 09
3. AH United (4) - Lun Bawang (2), played 4th Nov 09

Last quarter final match is Majra FC vs MS ABDB, Friday 6th Nov 09, Padang JBS.

Sat, 7th Nov 2009
Majra FC (1) - MS ABDB (3)
MS ABDB meets AH United in the semis

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